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  • Highest quality custom Motorized Drapes
  • Drapes made by our expert Seamstresses In Las Vegas
  • Works with all Home Automation systems
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  • Huge choice of designs, fabrics and colors
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Motorized, automated Drapes & Custom Curtains

Motorization is the easy way to open and close drapes at the touch of a button, or by voice command. If you have tall or large, heavy drapes then motorization makes your life so much easier. No dangling cords means that you have child safety. Easy to use, so that you get privacy and protection from heat in summer, and keep out the cold in winter. Everything is custom designed and made for you.

Whatever style or brand of home automation you have, our motorized drapes can work with it. So you can control your drapes with Alexa,  Google, SmartHub, or any other voice-operated system, or use any SmartPhone, remote control or wall-mounted control.

Our systems can work on mains electricity, low voltage supply or battery. So whatever the wiring in your home, we have a solution that is functional, easy to use and unobtrusive.

Henderson and Las Vegas has many large, luxurious homes with huge windows. Whatever your home, we can offer you a custom-designed automated solution for your drapes. And, of course, if you need motorized shades and blinds as well, we offer the highest quality solutions at fair and attractive prices.

Better by Design

We accurately measure windows using precise electronic measuring devices. Our design advice is expert; you won’t get better advice anywhere else! Whether you want large, elaborate motorized drapes, or simple sheers, you will get something that fits perfectly, and looks and works great. You will love and be proud of your Drapes and Draperies. Other companies employ salespeople who simply do not have the skill or experience that we offer. Designing and making Drapes is highly skilled. It is not something a salesman should be doing! We are designers with vast experience in the design and manufacture of draperies. Time and time again our customers tell us how amazed and delighted they were at how much effort we put into finding the perfect solution for them.

Low Prices!

All Drapes are made by expert seamstresses in our Las Vegas workrooms. This keeps down costs and means we have total control of quality. Most other companies selling drapes buy them in from an out of State supplier. This means delivery delays and higher prices. We offer the best design and quality, at prices lower than companies offering vastly inferior products. You benefit from fully professional advice, design, manufacturer and installation. If you want excellent quality and service, at an attractive price, then please talk to us!

Motorized tracks and rods are sourced by us from the highest quality American manufacturers. In every case the motorized solution we offer will be based on what best works in your home and with your desired home-automation system. We are tied to one supplier of motorized rods, tracks and rails, we supply whatever is the very best for you!

Proudly American

Drapes and Draperies are custom made to our design by our American staff. Manufacture is in our Las Vegas Workrooms. We don’t import from China or Mexico; everything we sell is made right here! You are welcome to visit our Showrooms and Workrooms and see our wonderful staff making draperies.