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Motorized Blinds for Safety & Convenience

  1. Motorization is the modern, convenient way to operate window blinds. Do you have windows above the counter-top in your kitchen? Then you probably find them difficult to access and operate. Have you got a Great Room with high windows? Then you can actually use those windows by choosing motorized blinds.
  2. Remote control enables you to protect against excess sunshine and heat in summer and keep out the cold in winter.  Motorized Blinds can be opened one at a time, or all together. Motorization gives you comfort, privacy, security and convenience with the touch of a button!
  3. Do you have children? If so, you will want to protect them against cords and dangerous dangling controls. Motorization is the ultimate in Child Safety! NO CORDS!

Better by Design

We accurately measure windows using precise electronic measuring devices. Our design advice is expert. Motorized window blinds require correct electrical connections as well as professional installation. We use a licensed electrician to ensure perfect operation.

Low Prices!

You get a great discount, so you buy at considerably less than recommended retail prices. Unlike box stores and cheap suppliers, we provide a full design and installation service. If you want excellent quality and service, at an attractive price, then please talk to us. It is always possible to buy things more cheaply. But cheap blinds don’t look good, don’t last, and end up being a waste of money. We don’t sell cheap blinds. We do sell excellent window coverings that represent great value for money!

Proudly American

Motorized Blinds are custom made to our design by top quality manufacturers based in Las Vegas and the USA. All blinds and shades we sell are high quality, and most come with limited lifetime warranties. 

Motorization for Convenience and Safety

Motorization is the easy way to open and close blinds and shades at the touch of a button.  No dangling cords means that you have child safety. Easy to use, so that you get privacy and protection from heat in summer, and cold in winter.

Motorization available

100% Finance & 0% APR available

To buy a new home, or to remodel an existing home, is expensive. If you need help with finance we can help. Our design consultant will be happy to be of assistance. Even if you have all the cash you need, you may like to consider the benefits of having a loan for 18 months at zero APR.

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