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Welcome to Shades Drapes Blinds

  • You want to buy Window Treatments
  • You are trying to decide who offers the best advice, product, service and product.
  • There are lots of companies that sell shades and blinds, so who do you go with??

Why meet with Shades Drapes Blinds?

  • OK, money off always helps. So we are offering $100 OFF to save you money and to get your attention!
  • Once you’ve met us, we think you will decide that we are the only company you want to deal with.
  • So meet with us! Your ‘worst case scenario’ is that you get excellent professional design advice at no cost and then decide to buy elsewhere. You ‘best case scenario’, and most people go for this one, is that you get excellent free design advice and buy stunning high-quality drapes, shades or blinds at a great price.
  • WE are DESIGNERS who make and sell Window Treatments, we aren’t salespeople. So you WILL get professional design advice. You WON’T get a heavy sales pitch!

Is there a catch?

  • NO! Our prices are already low (and our advice and product quality is superb), so we are offering an extra $100 OFF.
  • We keep down our marketing costs, and pass the saving onto you. The $100 OFF applies only to your first order of $1,000+. But, if you then refer people to us we not only give them this special offer, but we also are happy to reward you for the introduction.



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